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It hurt even to breathe.
She was clutching her chest as she sat at her seat, her eyes darting around her room, wondering what was wrong with her. Everyone else seemed to be fine but she didn’t understand why. Her chest hurt and she felt dizzy.
What was this feeling? She hated it. She hated the fact that her heart was racing hand her breathing was ragged as if she’d just run the mile. Her hands were shaking and the phone tumbled from her fingers.
No one seemed to notice, nor care as the phone fell to the ground and bounced slightly on the dirty old carpet.
Was this how it felt… to be heartbroken?
She hated the feeling. She wanted it gone. But how? How did one get rid of this feeling? Her mentor had once told her to ground herself. To push out all of the pain and replace it with energy. But that didn’t seem to work at all this time. She struggled to push it out and it only brought tears.
The other girl grabbed her bag, not even acknowledging the girl she had just brought to tears as she joined the boys as they left the room.
She looked to her feet, scooping up her phone numbly as well as her bag before shuffling out.
If love hurt this much, she didn’t want to love.
I don't want it
I'm sorry... I just broke up with my girlfriend and I've been in such a writing funk so I put up this (which isn't even about her...) I wanted to let you guys know that I'm not completely dead and if you guys want me to further anything or write anything specific lemme know because I would love some inspiration. 

Anyways, sorry for bothering you all with this.
Richard always liked Jessica's office.

It was always so cluttered. She had several bookshelves lining each of the back two walls of the brightly lit back room that Jessica had dubbed her office. The bookshelves held numerous hard backed fantasy novels, as well as table top and live action roleplay rule books. In front of the dusty books, were figures of dragons, bottles of coloured liquid, and even some daggers, that Jessica had acquired over the years.

Behind one bookshelf, was a large tapestry of a unicorn that Jessica had gotten when she was vacationing in Wales the previous summer.

On the wall next to the door, was a mural of a window. It seemed to lead into another world, with the realistic lighting that had been painted in. Through the mural's window, one could see a castle that rose high into the fluffy painted clouds. There was ivy climbing one side of the gray-brown stone and a wall surrounded the entire castle. Some trees peaked over the top of it, showing that there was a courtyard beyond the wall.

It was a gorgeous painting, but Jessica would never tell Richard who she had paint it.

Her desk was pushed back into one corner, making it look like it was the least important thing in the room, contrary to most offices.

In the middle of the room. there was as large, green velvet covered table. There were five chairs around it, the one at the head was a dark mahogany wood and had designs carved deep into the arm rests.

The table was usually used for the tabletop roleplay sessions hat Jessica sometimes held. However, today the table was scattered with papers, the whiteness of which were almost blinding to the eye.

Richard sat in the gilded chair, rummaging through the papers in hope of finding something on where Jessica had gone. Sebastian, Jessica's second-in-command, had reported her missing the day before, and along with the police, Richard had offered to help his friend look for her.

Richard knew that Sebastian was panicking, even if he didn't show it. The taller male ran the shop calmly, working six days a week, in order to keep the shop open and income coming in during Jessica's mysterious absence.  

Richard ran his fingers through the raven black hair that fell in his eyes as he looked down at the papers. She couldn't have just disappeared, she was Jessica Portman, owner of Eriad Coffee; the small nerd hangout at the very end of main street. She lived a normal life, LARPing with Richard and Sebastian on the weekends, and playing table top with them every Wednesday night.

The black haired boy was so caught up in his disbelief, he didn't notice the heavy wooden door to the office slowly open. The noise from the outside store could now be heard; people ordering coffee, children marveling over some of Jessica's imported models, and Sebastian and the few other employees rushing around to assist the customers.

The door slammed shut, abruptly silencing the small room once again.

Richard looked up then, his dark brown eyes scanning the office, before landing on the dark figure that had just entered the room. It was clothed in black from head to foot, even a black bandanna covering its mouth. It's eyes were dark, almost pure black, and Richard shivered at the fact that he could see no whites.

In one hand, the humanoid clutched a long katana, the blade was made of a black metal that Richard had never seen before. The humanoid made an odd whistling sound, like a bird, and moved towards the awestruck male.

Richard pushed the papers aside, staring straight at the humanoid, who was now casually swinging the katana in one hand. The olive skinned boy stood up slowly, his mind calculating how fast he could grab a knife of the book shelf to defend himself should the humanoid attack. He mentally thanked Sebastian for teaching him the correct techniques during their LARP sessions, no matter how much he complained to the older male, this would definitely be more helpful than he had originally thought.

Richard lunged for the nearest knife, his hand wrapping around the handle just as the humanoid swung at him, both hands on the handle of the katana. He parried, but had misjudged the strength of the humanoid and he groaned as he felt his arm crack.

It growled at him and pressed Richard back towards the wall. Richard pushed back weakly, his heart threatening to pound right out of his chest. The black clad person gripped their katana tighter, both hands covered in black gloves.

Richard breathed hard and pressed against the humanoid, finally finding the strength to slam the other into the opposite wall, making some of the books clatter against their shelves.

"Sebastian!" Richard yelled desperately, hoping that his friend could hear him through the door. "Sebastian!"

The creature seemed to laugh at that, catching Richard off guard. It pushed him off and sliced sideways at the tall boy. Richard gasped and stumbled back, his shirt sliced open. The black clad figure laughed again. It was a cold, in human sound that sent shivers up Richard's spine.

The thing kicked him back and Richard braced himself for the impact of the other wall.

It never came...
Heroes of Eriad
Hi... sorta alive (Not really) But this is based off of my other story (The NaNoWriMo one) because I think I'm gonna scrap that one and go for something a bit more fantastical. This will have the same cast but better storyline.. and I hope to post more LARP stories in the future! (Next camp is October 4th! sooooo excited!) 

Please enjoy!
C.C. rubbed her face, staring at the camp before her. It looked different than usual… not how she remembered it. The restrooms were a small shack, divided down the middle so that females were on the left and males were on the right. C.C. massaged her temples.
Had those been there before?
They must have been.
There was also a large center area that C.C. didn’t recognize from before. It was covered with a high arching tent that had no walls. Under it was a wood burning stove made of stone, a few preparation tables, and three picnic tables.
C.C. was almost positive that the structure wasn’t there when she had left for the orb. She spun around to see a large, sandstone wall. A standard -/their/standard- flew high on the top of the wall. But something was wrong with it. It was two dark of a red to be the standard that C.C. knew… and there was something dripping off of it. She shivered slightly, turning back to her friends. Something seemed off with them as well. They were staring at her odd and C.C. tilted her head. She raised her weapon at them in salute to her captain and they all rushed backwards.
Only their leader; Nina, and her boyfriend; Raph remained. Raph stepped towards her, his katana pointed at his feet. “C.C.,” He started calmly. “C.C. let’s talk,”
C.C. stepped back nervously, she didn’t like his tone. She gripped her staff tightly in both hands, but kept it low so as not to alarm the other heroes. C.C. wasn’t in the mood to get slaughtered.
“C.C.?” Raph asked, looking her dead in the eye, his eyebrows furrowing. “Can you put your staff down please?”
Her eyes went wide and she hugged it close. “I’ll lose it.” She murmured, looking down at it and running her fingers over the ebony body. “I don’t want to lose it.”
Raph looked back to Nina, who hesitated before motioning him to him and stepping forward slowly, both of her swords sheathed at her sides. She held out her hand, probably for the staff. “I’ll hold it for you.” She told C.C. softly/
C.C. took another step back, feeling trapped with the walls behind her and Raph and Nina seemingly closing in on her from the front. Raph took another step forward, holding his hand out expectantly for the staff. C.C. had the strong urge to hit him, to strike him down where he stood. It would only take three, easy blows to his chest. He would never suspect it, and then he’d be out for the count.
Raph noted the look in her eyes and slowly stepped back. C.C. launched herself at the tall boy in a moment of adrenaline. Raph yelled to Nina as C.C. slammed the side of her staff into his side, her eyes wild.
Nina yelled to the others, running forward and grabbing the middle of C.C.’s staff and trying to wrench it out of her hands. C.C. struggled, trying to pull away from the strong grip of her leader when she felt a sharp pain in her back. She gasped and dropped her staff, which fell neatly into Nina’s hands as the petite girl stumbled away. Raph sat down, holding a wound on his chest.
C.C. breathed hard and felt someone grab her hands, wrapping something around them and tying it off. She struggled quietly and tested the bonds as she turned to look at them.
“Get healers on both of them.” Nina commanded, going over to Raph and starting the process. Someone touched C.C.’s shoulder and she jumped as they started to lead her towards the picnic table. She growled lowly and tried to pull in the other direction.
The hand belonged to Nick, who immediately tightened his grip and pushed her down to sit on the bench. He called over four other heroes and started the healing process. He closed his eyes, focusing on her and slowly started to hum.
“What are you trying to accomplish by this?” She asked curiously. In the back of her mind, C.C. knew this was the healing process. However, the idea didn’t seem to compute in her brain as they continued to hum, focusing on her head. When no one answered her question, C.C. relaxed against the table and kicked her feet softly, wondering how much it would hurt him if she kicked Nick in the groin right now. She hummed along quietly, mockingly, and watched the rest of the heroes around her.
She began to feel drowsy as she listened to the soft, melodious sound of their humming.
Soon, she had passed out.
The Touch of a Shade
A friend ask for some more LARP based stories. So this one is the touch of a Shade. 

Shades are creatures that work for the shadow and are sometimes known to take possession of a human body. The only way you can tell if someone is touched by a shade by the ashy mark on their cheek. This possession is very painful for the victim and can even cause death. I have seen three cases of the touch of a shade, all three relatively terrifying. 

I really hope you all enjoy this! 
The room wasn’t the biggest. But it was plenty of space for the amount of posters that the teenager owned. There were Star Wars posters which were outnumbered by the Star Trek ones. As well as Ender’s Game and other more discrete movies.
There was a TV mounted on a shelf across from the bed, with a ps4 and two controllers next to it.
The bed had red and black covers that were made for the first time in about three weeks. On top of these linens was an open hiking pack. It was grey, with simple black accents that lined the front pocket and the top.
There was Fall Out Boy blaring from speakers that rested on the bed side table. A boy, with messy black hair and olive skin was rustling through his messy closet. His grey eyes searching for a specific pair of leather boots that were perfect for what he was doing this week. His Borderlands 2 t-shirt was baggy around his worn jeans.
“Ah!” He announced, finding the specific shoes and straightening up to his full height of six foot two inches. He threw them into the bag where a white tunic, leather jerkin, and brown cargo pants already resided. Now he just needed to find his belt and his armour. Which he hoped wouldn’t take as long as his boots had.
The 17 year old didn’t notice the younger boy who stood in his doorway, eyebrows raised. “I thought you were joking.” The younger boy stated. “Richard, you sounded like you were joking.”
Richard spun around to glare at the young boy. His brother used to at least humor his hobby but after Alexander had reached freshman year, and had gotten onto the football team, the boy had grown to think that his older brother was too nerdy for his own tastes.
“I assure you, Alex that I wasn’t joking. I’ve been doing this since I was in the seventh grade, so why would I suddenly stop?”
“You’re too old to play dress up.”
Richard growled and picked up a foam axe that he was about to put in his bag and chuckled it at his younger brother. It made a slightly loud “thunk” when it hit the boy’s chest and fell to the floor.
Alex let out an unmanly yelp and threw it back at Richard, who dodged. “Dammit Richard!” He snapped. “Mom said you can’t hit me with you’re stupid props.”
Richard rolled his eyes at Alexander and waved him off, putting his belt into the bag. Alexander stormed out, slamming the door behind him, making one of Richard’s posters fall halfway down his wall.
He sighed and set his wrist guards into his bag, walking over to the poor E.T. poster and grabbed the tacks, repining the poster. There was a knock at his door.
“Go away Alexander, I still need to finish!” He yelled angrily, clipping his tent to the front of the bag.
“Actually it’s me.”
Richard flushed slightly. “Sorry mom.” He mumbled, opening the door for her.
“Are you almost done?” She asked, coming in and handing him a newly mended leather bag that clipped to his belt. He nodded, distracted in getting his armour to fit in his bag next to his cloak. His mother smiled, sitting on the edge of his bed. “I made a sandwich for you, make sure you eat before you go okay?”
Richard nodded, closing his back and checking everything off his list. When he finished, he sat next to her, slowly laying back to stare at his S.S. Enterprise and Death Star that he had stuck to the ceiling when he was 11. He turned off his music, making sure his phone was charged for emergencies before he packed it.
He sat up and looked to his mother, running a hand through his short hair. She smiled, pulling her own dark hair back into a ponytail before standing up. “Let me know when you’re ready to go, alright?” She asked.
Richard nodded, getting up and picking up his pack. He followed her out of his room and closed the door behind him. Richard went into the kitchen, setting his pack down next to the counter before going to fill up his water bottles, he’d need them if Jessica held up on her promise.
He put the two cold water bottles in his pack and grabbed the sandwich, biting into it as he sat on the counter. His mother was in the other room, folding laundry and Alexander was outside in their meager backyard, messing with a buddy of his from down the street. At the moment, the two were just wrestling.
Richard finished his sandwich and felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He pulled it out and smiled, wiping his mouth, as he saw that it was Penelope, his friend from the third grade.
Just help Jessica set up the tavern for Eriad, it looks amazing
Richard grinned, his heart rate picking up at Eriad. He obviously wasn’t the only one who was anxious if Penelope was actually talking about how their setting looked. She was secretive and knew that Richard wasn’t too big on spoilers.
I bet it does if you two put it up.
Did you hear that Jessica is sharing the sight with another group? We’re getting NPCs from another group in the area. It’s going to be even more detailed than usual.
Yeah, it was in the newsletter along with the synopsis for this one.
Have you left yet?
No, mom was going to take me in ten or so.
Better hurry, weren’t you and Sebastian going to take a look at the site before the others got there?
Yeah, but I have like an hour.
Chautauqua is kinda far from your house though
Alright alright! Richard laughed. I get the point. I’ll see you in a bit.
Drive safely!
Richard put away his phone and shouldered his pack. “Mom, ready to go!” He announced.
“Almost ready, get your shoes on and meet me out side.” His mother called back. Richard nodded and opened the garage, setting his pack in the back seat before climbing into the passenger seat, ready to go.

The car drive over was quite, as Mrs. Price focused on the road and Richard read through the synopsis again.
They were on a recon mission. Jessica and the leaders of the group had hid a special crystal that helped deal with the Shadow and its disciples somewhere near the town of EastCliff, Eriad. However, when Jessica went to go retrieve the crystal, she was attacked by bandits, and had to turn back.
The People of the town had problems with the bandits before and even the Guard of Eriad couldn’t track them. Then, that night, Jessica was attacked by the Leuan, which the people have never dealt with, making them blame Jessica for all of their problems.
Richard and the rest of his group were to help find the crystal, get rid of the bandits, and figure out how the Leuan found their new location. It was a new type of mission, and the addition of another role playing group would be interesting and add new non-player characters to the group.
“Richard,” His mother broke him out of his thoughts about the week and he looked up to see Sebastian waving to him, the brown haired boy looking slightly severe, like always. Richard waved back and waited for his mother to park before jumping out of the SUV and grabbing his pack. “Are you sure you have everything?” His mother questioned, looking at him in the review mirror.
“Of course, I even double checked.” Richard said quickly, pulling the pack on and closing the door. His mother rolled down the window and he sighed, looking at her through the window.
“Phone?” She asked.
“Yes.” He answered impatiently.
“Of course, mom, we need to check out the area before the others get here!”
His mother sighed, looking at him with grey eyes that matched his own. “Have fun and be safe okay?”
“Of course mother.” He said shortly, adjusting his pack. “And it’s a week with Penelope and Jessica, they’ll keep me in line.”
“I know Penelope will.” Mrs. Price laughed. “I’ll pick you up at three o’clock on Friday. You better be ready to go.”
“Bye mom.” Richard prompted, heading over to the older boy, who was starting to look quite impatient.
“Have fun boys!” She called as she backed out of the parking lot.
“Thank god.” Richard groaned, turning to face Sebastian.
Sebastian was a year older that Richard. With brown hair that fell only slightly about his shoulders and tended to hang in his face. His eyes were a soft, chocolaty brown and were the only way you could tell what the boy was really feeling. His mouth was set in a straight line and his eyebrows were bushy and turned in slightly, making him look angry.
He had already changed, and was wearing a brown shirt with simple, lightweight armour over it. Sebastian wore black shorts and tall leather boots with armour over them, as well as gauntlets and shoulder armour. He already looked ready for a battle. Sebastian’s bag was at his feet, as well as the bag of weapons that he was going to share with their small group during the week.
“It’s just down the hill.” He said, voice deep. “And the cabin is that way.” He nodded to the small brown building that puffed smoke happily.
“Great, let’s go.” Richard grinned.
Sebastian nodded, picking up his bag and leading the way down the hill. The area was fenced which was nice, no one would get lost, and hopefully no pedestrians would walk in during a battle.
Sebastian set his bag down and looked to Richard, clearly ready for him to say something. Richard was all smiles, so ready to get started. “Right, let’s go wait for the others.” Was all Richard could think to say. Sebastian nodded, making sure the gate was locked as he followed Richard back up the hill.
LARPing, A Nerdy Romance
I'm not dead! I'm sorry! I've been going through a lot of shit recently. 
But this is about the first two chapters of my Camp NaNo book (Completely unedited because I'm still writing, so feedback would be great~) 
So please let me know if you guys would read more because I'm thinking of publishing it. 
Thank you and Enjoy!


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FIRST OF ALL! JUST 'CAUSE I DON'T THANK PEOPLE FOR FAVES DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T APPRECIATE THEM! I REALLY DO! I just don't have the time (and energy) to go around thanking every person for faving my work.

I will group write for recognition!!!!
Truely, there's not much that I can tell you about myself that's not already obvious... well, I took archery and I have a recurve bow that is approx. 5 ft. 6 in. and I took fencing lessons through the summer up to winter break. I hate the snow (bummer for where I live) except when I'm skiing. I also hate indian food (another bummer considering my dad cooks it every other night)

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Yeah I'm back from the dead. Well, after losing my best friend (Of three years) This past month, I'm sorta done with the world. I'm just not into doing anything. I threw away all of my smut, I havent written a fanfiction in who know's how long. Blah blah blah. I'm sorry, I really am... ish... um...
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